Chatham Fall/Winter Sale: CONSIGNORS Information

Thursday, SEPT 28 thru Saturday, SEPT 30

Consignors, please review all details for our upcoming sale in the tabbed section below. Registration opens July 7, 2023!



Download the 2022 Consignor ManualIf you are a consignor for this sale, please CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN. Information on the details of this sale will be posted when available. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to your participation in this sale!

Download all of this information in our handy Ever After Consignor Manual PDF document HERE (last updated 7/5/23). Be sure to check back here often for updates, as information on the website will supersede any previous information detailed in the PDF manual.

Deadline for this sale is
September 20th, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Drop off will be:
September 22nd-25th.
*If you plan to drop off any large furniture items, please contact us about scheduling a separate time to do so. Reminder: Please do not bring children to drop off appointments.

Pickup will be Sunday, October 1st, 2023 from 9am-3pm.
You will not need a pick up appointment. Please come anytime during that time slot. . Reminder: Please do not bring children to pick  up appointments.

You can register for any sale when registration is opened. Generally, registration will be open two months prior to each sale.

Before registering for any of our sales, please be aware of the following:

  • All consignors must bring a minimum of thirty (30) quality items.  Acceptable items are listed on each sale page. Consignors will earn a percentage of their sales from their consigned items, also outlined on each sale page.  We also charge a $13.00 participation fee which is payable in advance via PayPal and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • All consignors are responsible for agreeing with the terms of participation on the Consignor Agreement. (You will be asked to agree with the terms of participation before you can complete your registration.)
  • All consignors must read the information on the website about PRICING TIPS and TAGGING & PREPARING your items in order to make participation in the sale smooth and easy for everyone.
  • The deadline to enter (or make changes) to inventory for any sale, and to schedule drop off appointments will be outlined on each sale page.  Consignors must sign up for an appointment and drop their items off at each sale location. Please visit your consignor login homepage after registering to select a drop off appointment.
  • Any consignor who registers but fails to unregister one month prior to the sale (if they find they can’t participate for any reason) will be blocked from registering for the next sale.  This will also apply to consignors who fail to show up for their scheduled drop-off appointment without having made prior arrangements.  Note: There is no penalty for registering (and then unregistering) one month prior to each sale; HOWEVER, the prepaid consignor fee will not be refunded.
  • Consignors shop early (before the general public). Dates and times for early shopping times will be detailed on each sale page. Passes will be given out at drop off.

 Benefits of becoming a consignor:
We are keeping everything the same as the previous sales. Consignors receive 70% of their total sales, the ability to shop the pre-sale which is only available for consignors and volunteers, and a “guest pass” to bring a guest to shop the pre-sale as well.



 “Infants to teens … and everything in between!”

Minimum Requirements
Each consignor must bring a minimum of thirty (30) quality children’s items.  We will only sell clothing that is “in-style” (purchased new within the last 5 years) and “in-season” (spring/summer only in April and fall/winter clothing in September).


Acceptable Items

  • Anything that is “baby” or “kid” related can be consigned!
  • Equipment and toys must be new within the last 5 years. Outdoor equipment is appropriate for either sale.
  • Onesies should be CLEAN and BAGGED with like sizes, and do not count toward the infant clothing limit.
  • Important Note: Everything you bring to the sale must be CLEAN (odor and stain free), all toys and equipment MUST WORK, AND HAVE WORKING BATTERIES INCLUDED; all puzzles and games MUST HAVE ALL THE PIECES; all books MUST BE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION (no writing or ripped pages.)

Ideas of What to Sell

  • Clothing (seasonally appropriate) Infants through Juniors size large. Please note: WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE MENS & WOMENS SIZE CLOTHING AT THIS SALE. Onesies must be bagged.
  • Dancewear
  • Equipment – bikes, sports equipment, etc.  Must be in EXCELLENT condition. Outdoor equipment is appropriate for either sale.
  • Furniture – dressers, bookshelves, tables and chairs, etc. NO DROP SIDE CRIBS. FURNITURE MAY BE MARKED DONATE – please email us in advance.
  • Nursery Decor – lamps, nursery decorations, baby books, crib sheets, diaper bags, bath seats. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING DIAPER GENIES (unless they are brand new in the box)
  • Shoes/Boots (New or almost-new condition.) Sandals only during our Spring/Summer sale in April.  Snow boots only during our Fall/Winter sale in September. All other shoes, sneakers, etc. are appropriate for either sale! WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING SHOES BIGGER THAN SIZE 8 FOR BOTH JUNIOR/YOUTH GIRLS AND BOYS.
  • Software, videos and music – DVD’s  or CDs (please no VHS tapes). Nothing R-rated or Unrated.
  • Toys, games, puzzles – Please check that ALL pieces are included and insert working batteries.
  • SPRING / SUMMER only: Sandals, bathing suits, swimwear, shorts and tank tops. Jeans and long sleeves are fine for spring/summer, but long sleeves should be lightweight and appropriate for spring.
  • FALL / WINTER only: Halloween costumes or anything for Christmas/holiday. Fleece, flannel and heavy clothing.

Prohibited Items
Items that May NOT be sold at any Ever After sale include:

  • Breast pumps
  • Car Seats, Booster Seats or Car Seat “bases”
  • Drop side cribs
  • Equipment over 5 years old
  • Jewelry (no children’s jewelry whatsoever, please!)
  • Maternity clothing
  • Mattresses (can only be sold if they are included with the crib/toddler bed)
  • McDonald’s or Burger King toys
  • R-rated movies, Unrated movies, or mature-rated video games
  • Stuffed animals (unless they move or talk)
  • Toy Weapons
  • Used feeding supplies (no used bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc.) Used bottles are OK to sell; please be sure they are clean! Sippy cups must be NEW!
  • Used underwear or undergarments (only NWT or NWOT)
  • VHS tapes
  • Crib Bumpers
  • Used Diaper Genies / their accessories.
  • Antiques
  • Vintage Toys / baby equipment

Please remember: We will inspect all items at drop off. It is your responsibility to check the RECALL SOURCE TOOL for recalled items; however, any items found to not meet high quality standards for safety and quality will be returned to you. We will also inspect items during the sale, and reserve the right to “pull” items, if necessary.

Please remember, we will inspect all items at drop off. We will also inspect items during the sale, and reserve the right to “pull” items, if necessary.

You are required to use the U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commision PRODUCT RECALL SEARCH TOOL (link below) for any possibly recalled items; however, any items found to not meet high quality standards for safety and quality will not be put out for sale and will be returned to you.

Follow the link below to search for recalls and also see the latest recalls posted (by date):

As a consignor, YOU control your pricing!  But where do you start?  How should you price your items?

Here’s a pricing guide, courtesy of, that we hope will get you started!


A few additional guidelines that you might find useful:

  • TIP #1: For toys or other large items, check their retail price online (ie: Amazon, Target, etc.) and price at approximately 1/3 (or in the case of NEW toys, closer to 1/2) retail value.
    You can also check eBay to see what your item is going for in the “resale” market. And if your item is NEW, in excellent condition, or is an indoor/outdoor toy (Little Tikes brand) consider pricing closer to 1/2 retail.
  • TIP #2Consider attaching a print out (or ad) from an online retail store (like Target) that shows what your item cost NEW.
    This is helpful for both the consignors and the buyers.  Often times a more detailed description of the item is included in the print out (more than what you are able to fit on the tag) and it will show buyers how much they are saving!
  • TIP #3: Sell clothing items as sets, whenever possible.
    Match a t-shirt and shorts, or a top with a skirt.  Package other similar items together as well, like a set of Thomas the Tank Engine books or sets of matching socks.   If you only have tops, consider putting two or three together.
  • TIP #4: Price items to sell that you really want to “move.”
    Consider checking the DISCOUNT option so your items will go on sale for 1/2 price at the end of the sale.  Also consider checking DONATE if you really don’t want to take your items home with you.
REMEMBER! $2.00 minimum for ALL items!

It is very important to review & follow the guidelines on this tab outlining Tagging & Preparation of your sale items. If you have any questions about getting your items ready for sale that are not covered on this tab, please contact us.

­Please read and review the Consignor Agreement at the time of registration and accept the terms before registering and entering items.

    Please wash your clothing and inspect it before hanging it and bringing it to the sale. Any clothing with stains, or with missing buttons, rips, holes, etc. will be returned to you at drop off.
  • Please CLEAN ALL TOYS, INSERT WORKING BATTERIES, and CHECK PUZZLE PIECES before getting started. Please Note: Consignors with a high number of items that are rejected at check in, pulled from the sales floor, or returned during the sale for quality will be blocked from participating in future sales. Thank you in advance for helping us to maintain our high quality standards on items we accept for consignment!

Supplies You Will Need

  • White or light colored card stock preferred. Printer paper can also be used IF AND ONLY it is completely secured clear packing tape. (the barcode can be covered with the packing tape)
  • Wire hangers ONLY! No plastic hangers whatsoever will be allowed! (in you are in a pinch, we have a limited amount of hangers for sale. please contact us.
  • Clear packing tape (no scotch tape), plastic zip or “slide loc” bags (quart, gallon and/or 2.5 gallon), and zip ties (also sold as “cable ties).
  • Safety pins. (One inch or larger; no straight pins or small gold safety pins, please.)

Procedure for Entering Items

  • It helps if you gather similar items together in piles beside your computer before you start entering. Gather all of your boys 4T, girls 3T, books, etc.
  • Be sure your items are CLEAN, that they meet current requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and are not on any lists of dangerous or recalled items. Check the Product Recall Search tab above, as Ever After Children’s Consignment Sale will not be held responsible if consignor fails to meet these requirements.
  • You are now ready to log in to your consignor account and choose “Work with Consigned Inventory” under Activities.
  • Click on “Add Items.”


Sample Tag

  • 1010 is your Consignor ID Number
  • SIZE (from pull down menu) ie: 18-24 Months
  • CATEGORY (from pull down menu) ie: Clothing-Girls
  • DESCRIPTION OF YOUR ITEM (two lines, you fill in)
  • DONATE: YES (if you wish to donate your item.) This will appear as DONATE: NO if you do not. Check as appropriate when entering your items.
  • ITEM: Indicates Item Number (ie: 6)
  • PRICE (you decide, in whole dollar increments). TWO DOLLAR MINIMUM FOR ALL HUNG CLOTHING ITEMS.
  • DISCOUNT? (Again, check, as appropriate. Note that furniture and cribs cannot be marked DONATE.) On the tag, donated items will have the word DONATE: YES in the bottom left corner. The tag will also indicate whether the item is to be discounted (1/2 price) during the discount day or days of the sale.
  • Tags print 6 to a page.

Helpful Tips

  • Please give some thought to these categories before you start entering items! Visit our Pricing Tips page for some general guidelines on pricing your items to sell. Use the two lines of description to your advantage! Is your item “NWT” (New with Tags), “Hardly Worn,” “Too cute!” SELL IT!
  • Remember that items marked DISCOUNT will go on sale at 1/2 price during our advertised “Half Price” day or days of the sale. If you don’t want to have your item discounted, please don’t check this box.
  • If you wish to have your item(s) DONATED to charity at the end of the sale (rather than pick them up), please remember to check this box as well.
  • Remember to only enter items that are seasonally appropriate for this sale, i.e. spring/summer for Spring Sale, fall/winter for Fall Sale, in good to excellent condition, and free of any odors (smoke, pets, etc.) Please see the ACCEPTED ITEMS on each sale page for more information and our clothing guidelines.
  • PLEASE: There is a $2 minimum for all hung items.


Procedure for Printing

  • Insert your card stock and or paper (IF AND ONLY IF THE PAPER TAG IS SECURED WITH CLEAR PACKING TAPE)
  • Click on WORK WITH CONSIGNED INVENTORY and scroll down to PRINT TAGS.
  • Remember to disable pop up blocker on your browser or your tags won’t print!
  • Print all tags or just certain tags. Tags will print 6 to a sheet.
  • Cut tags carefully with scissors, or a paper cutter.
  • If you make a mistake while printing your tags, please print a new tag. Do NOT print on both sides of the card stock; please print on one side ONLY.


Procedure for Hanging/Affixing Tags
Once you have printed your tags you are now ready to affix them to your items.


  • Hang clothing on a WIRE hanger ONLY, with hook pointing to the left (like a ?). Bend the hanger sides DOWN (not “back”) for smaller sizes, if needed. For single items, its preferable to also place safety pins on the shoulders, securing the item to the hanger.
  • Secure all buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.
  • ALL TAGS ARE PLACED ON THE LEFT SHOULDER OF THE GARMENT (OR THE RIGHT HAND SHOULDER IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT IT.) Do not place tags on the hanger. Use a tagging gun to attach barbs to the INSIDE TAG of the garment or THROUGH THE SEAM (neck or “under” arm seam.) Do NOT tag through the clothing itself, as this will leave a hole. Pin the shoulder of the garment to the hanger, especially if the item may slip off the hanger easily.
  • RememberOnly ONE ITEM or ONE OUTFIT per hanger!If you have two pieces, (ie: two t-shirts, or two pairs of pants) that is acceptable, as long as all items can fit on one hanger, with only one tag. To hang two items correctly you will need to hang or pin the first item, then turn the hanger over (“flip it”) and pin the second piece to the back of the hanger, facing out. This will allow us to inspect both items at drop off, and helps the shoppers as well! For three pieces (a “3 piece item” would be most likely with infant clothing/outfits, for example something with a small jacket) – first hang the shirt, then place the jacket over the shirt and flip over to pin pants to the back. See example illustration below.
  • Consider putting a piece of MASKING TAPE on the inside collar or waistband with your consignor number, item number and price. Again, if a tag becomes separated from an item, this information will help us find the item for you in the computer quickly and sell it!

Tag Placement


  • We recommend that you place books, toys w/small pieces, lamps with shades, or any other items that can become separated in a large zip loc bag and tape the top; affix tag with tape, but do not tape over the bar code. Use packing tape only (scotch tape doesn’t stick) and you may also pin the tag if you like. Consider using a piece of masking tape with consignor number/item number/price in case the tag becomes lost.
  • Use enough tape to secure the tag on your items, but be careful that they won’t be “ruined” when tape is removed. Please pay special attention to how you package puzzles! Do NOT tape down wooden puzzle pieces! Instead, bag them in a large 1 or 2 gallon zip loc bag, OR use Saran Wrap, NOT “Press and Seal” (wrapped around the puzzle and then taped) to be sure all the pieces stay together.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BAG SHOES! Review our procedure on how shoes should be prepared for the sale:
    • The very smallest sizes (ie: infant shoes) may be bagged, but older sizes should be zip tied together (use a hole punch and place the tag in the middle of the zip tie.)
    • Shoes should be CLEAN, DRY, and the EXACT SAME SIZE.
    • You will also need to include your consignor number, item number, price, and whether the shoes are DISCOUNT/DONATE on masking tape and affix tape to the bottom of both shoes OR on the inside heel or bottom of the shoes. This will help us sell them for you in the event that the tag becomes separated.
    • Whenever possible, shoes should be zip-tied together.
  • Hats, scarves, etc. should have the tags affixed with a tagging gun (again, through the seam, top or tag as not to damage the item), and then bagged. Seal the bag with heavy duty packing tape. We will scan the bar code through the bag or open it at checkout, if needed.
  • Remember, there is a $2 minimum on all items. All items should be priced in $1 increments ($2, $3, $4, etc.) If you wish to sell something for $1 you should check “discount” or group your items (ie: books) together.

Item entry deadline this sale: September 20th, 2023

Drop Off Procedure

  • Please log in and pick a drop off date and time. Please check the website for available dates/times.
  • Please bring your CONSIGNOR INVENTORY SHEET with you at your assigned drop off time. A $5 fee will apply if we have to print your inventory sheet at drop off.
  • After you sign up for a drop off date, please review the tab above on Tagging & Prep of your items.  This will help ensure that drop off is quick and easy. Please remember to allow yourself at least an hour to complete the drop off process, depending on how many items you have. Each consignor is responsible for placing and arranging their own items out on the sales floor at drop off.
  • Schedule a drop off appointment for this sale here:



Pick up date this sale: Sunday – September 30th, 2023 from 9am-3-pm

Pick Up Procedure

  • Come to the sale location with your UNSOLD ITEMS REPORT (available from your consignor homepage.)
  • Find your clothing (on the racks) as well your books, toys, etc. (they will be with like items). Volunteers will be on hand to assist you.
  • Proceed to a checkout table where a volunteer will then double-check the consignor number on your items before you leave.
  • Items that are marked “no donate” and have not sold by the last day of the sale MUST BE PICKED UP by 4:00PM. Consignors who fail to come for their items will be charged a $25 fee. All items marked “donate,” or any items that have not been picked up by Saturday afternoon at 4:00pm, will be donated immediately to charity.


From 9am to 3pm Saturday, September 30.
*If item tag lists “DISCOUNT YES”, the item will be half price. If it lists “DISCOUNT NO”, the item will be regular price. 

Volunteers help make a our sale successful! We need volunteers to help set up clothing racks and tables, check-in items, work on the floor during the sale, help customers, and ensure that the sale runs smoothly. (Please, no children allowed during volunteer shifts!)

All our volunteers get to SHOP EARLY!


  • “Bring a Friend” with you when you shop the Presale on Wednesday
  • Can receive up to 80% of your consignor sales when working 20 hours.
  • Lunch provided for all volunteers on Thursday (our first open-to-the-public sale day)


COVID health and safety protocols may be required by Executive Order in force at the time of our sale. Everyone’s cooperation in following these protocols will ensure that we are able to operate our sale safely and in accordance with Executive and Health & Safety laws.

Because these requirements are in flux and may change by April, please check this information tab closer to the time of sale preparations BEFORE YOU COME.

We hope you and your families continue to stay well and healthy, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you, from all of us at Ever After!

Updated 1/21/22

Chatham Spring/Summer Sale: CONSIGNORS Information

Wednesday, APRIL 27 thru Saturday, APRIL 30

Consignors, please review all details for our upcoming sale in the tabbed section below.


The Chatham Ever After Sale is not yet available for consignor registration. Please check back approximately two months prior to the event for details about this year’s sale. If you would like to be notified about this sale and other Ever After sale information, please use the button below to join our mailing list. Questions? Please contact us.  
This page is currently undergoing maintenance.  Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to having you consign with us!